Blog Action Day 2010 : October 15, 2010

For Blog Action Day 2010, I have chosen the issue of bottled water for what I am about to write about. This year’s Blog Action Day theme is Water.On October the 15th, it is Blog Action Day. Already there are about 2,700 blogs register and 120 countries involved.

About 1 billion, 1/8th, of people in the world don’t have access to clean drinking water. Every year, 3.6 million people die because they don’t have clean water and every day 4,ooo kids younger than five die.

Bottled Water

Why do we drink bottled water when we already have  clean drinking water from our taps. It is not cheaper to buy bottled water, so why do we do it. Is it because all the advertisements on TV say that this water has this in it and this is the purest water you can get. Or is it because you can buy it at the supermarket on your way to work. In the US, the average amount of bottled water has doubled in the last 10 years to a staggering amount of 200 bottles per person per year. So why do we use bottled water when we have it running from our taps?

What about the people that don’t have access to water from their taps. Every time you buy a bottle of water, give $2 to the Salvation Army or World Vision or other human welfare organizations. Or you could not buy bottled water and save money to give to these organizations.


Think about it 

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  1. Jes4se says:

    Who-Ever-You-Are, I think you are absolutely right it is so sad about the number of people dying of thirst. I think instead of buying bottled water people should use the cheaper water that comes from their taps and bring those bottles of water to the thirsty. I also think that the government should stop all their science-y stuff and use that funding to make jobs, cure hunger and thirst and get us through this depression.


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