When should students use real photos?

This week as part of the Student Blogging Challenge Week 2, I have to write a post about when students should use photos of themselves on their blogs.

I think that people shouldn’t put pictures of themselves on their blogs because it is as public as it gets. Even Facebook is safer because you have privacy settings. People don’t understand that if you have a picture of yourself on your blog and your school’s logo is visible on the picture, a stalker can find that school and find you. He/She would know what your name is and find you in the school yard at recess or lunch and say something like this “Your Mum/Dad said for me to take you home”. Most Year 3’s and up would have drilled into their heads that you don’t hop into strangers cars but younger people are still learning.


5 thoughts on “When should students use real photos?

  1. It’s amazing how many students do have their photos on their blogs, and photos of friends with names. I’m glad that you understand why it isn’t a good idea.

  2. I think you have made a good point, however I think photos and first names are fine. Isn’t it the same as walking around in public with a hood on and never telling anyone your name?

  3. Hey Chris, I totally agree. My classmates and I just went to a Girls leadership conference and that was the first thing they talked about. Once you send the photo you can’t take it back and anyone can see it. Are you enjoying the challenge?

    I am enjoying the Student Blogging Challenge. It gives me an oppurtunity to improve my blog. Are you in it too?

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